Weekend Highlights: 1/19-1/20

Our first weekend of tournaments, and we couldn’t have asked for more from our Elite athletes… Three teams, three tournaments, and three medals!

Congratulations to our 17 BLUE team for winning the 17/18 bracket of the 2019 MD MLK Challenge in Jessup, MD. These young ladies finished their tournament 5-0, with a medal and trophy to show for it!

Congratulations to our 16 BLUE team for winning the 16’s bracket of the 2019 MLK Challenge in Jessup, MD. This team played A LOT of volleyball — fighting to the third game in 4 of their 6 matches — but ultimately ended on top of the pack, getting their first medal and trophy of the season.

Congratulations to our 14 BLACK team for finishing in 2nd place of our first home tournament of the season! We fought hard in a three-game final match… They really left it all out there on the court, and we, as a club, couldn’t wish for more!

In the words of our 17’s coach, Lance Astorino, “Enjoy these victories because come Tuesday - we start over and our focus becomes our next tournament - One set, one game, one tournament at a time.” Keep working hard ladies, and stay #ELITE!

PEVBC Club Admin