Potomac Elite Volleyball Parental Information



If you are concerned that your athlete might be experiencing symptoms of a concussion, please be sure to watch this video prior to competition so you can quickly identify and potential issues. Our coaches are taught to take this very seriously and notify you (the parents) if anything occurs during game place. Additionally, here is a quick link to the signs and symptoms of a concussion provided by the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

Player Preparation

Potomac Elite wants to make sure your athlete is prepared to compete. Whether it is a one or 4 four tournament, we recommend you speak with your athlete about how to properly hydrate and fuel their bodies for tournaments and practice. Here is a link to the NCAA Nutrition "Fueling for Performance"



Parents Parent & Coaches Coach

Potomac Elite relies on the experience of their coaching staff to create a fun family environment around each team. PEVBC encourages a competitive and friendly environment so that all parents, players, and coaches can enjoy watching or playing the game they love. We expect all parents and players to represent PEVBC with the highest level of sportsmanship and respect. Coaches are in charge on the court and will handle all aspects of the game, referees, and other coaches. Parents are encouraged to cheer for their team, daughter, and PEVBC. We hope that you refrain from using any negative language towards your own athlete, another team, or officials. Any such disregard for sportsmanship and ethics can result in dismissal from a tournament facility or practice facility or even disqualification of a PEVBC team from a match. PEVBC coaches will not discuss playing time during a tournament or with a parent. It is the responsibility of the player to discuss any playing time with their coach. Here is a helpful guide if you have any additional questions.